A slow slow evening tonight. The nights are really drawing in now and getting round in daylight means starting no later than 3:30. Tongihts top dog was Mark Popham shooting 38 points, Pat Jones a close second on 37. Overall the scoring wasn't that good tonight with some pretty low scores. I put mine down to the last hour of play where light was deminishing rapidily, so much in fact playing the last was almost impossible. I needed the flag tending when I was only eight feet away it was that bad. If you want to play next week you'll need to get away earlier and hope it's a bright day.
Fixture Results  (15 Sep 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Mark Popham  38 1 Cut 2
Pat Jones  37 2 Cut 1
Paul Fineberg  36 3 Cut 1
Tom Sloman  35 4 1
Alan Hannigan  33
Stuart Ling  33
Steve Sloman  33
Ian Snell  33
Graham Adams  32 1
Jeff Andrews  31
Ron Clements  30
Malcolm Lawrence  30
Dennis Breakwell  29
Geoff Tyler  29
Stuart Coleman  28
Simon Cory-Humble  28
Ray Martin  28 1
Alistair Johnson  27
Brian Hawkins  25
Steve Lowe  25 1
David Fineberg  24
Andy Smith  23
Kevin Burt  23 Yes Plus 1
Steve Parker  23 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  17 Yes Plus 1