Showery conditions could not stop the boys from playing tonight. Infact the weather turned out fine after a showery start and tonight saw 31 golfers giving their all. Mike Steadman was tonights steady eddy winning with 39 points and Jamie Mullins a close second with 38 but my heart goes out to Richard Palmer who came in 3rd with 37 points, poor Richard gets cut 1 shot and loses his 6 crispy shots. Ooooooouch thats gotta hurt. The crispy jury is currently still out deciding if taking calls on the course (mobile phone !!!!) is reason enough to cut someone a couple of points from their score. I guess that if they do decide in favour Jamie you'll need to give your winnings back. Oh and I should mention a word of thanks to Ray for showing me how a golf ball should be hit off the tee although I think it is a little much that he should hit every ball perfectly when I myself am struggling so much. The nights are drawing in now so if you are thinking about playing next week I think you better tee off before 4 if you are going to get around in.
Fixture Results  (08 Sep 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Mike Steadman  39 1 Cut 2
James Mullins  38 2 1 Cut 2
Richard Palmer  37 3 Cut 1
Simon Foster  36 4 Cut 1
Graham Adams  35
Pat Jones  35
Ray Martin  35
Steve Sloman  35 1
Pep Symons  35
Bruce Chadwick  34
Mark Popham  34
Geoff Tyler  34
Roger Wallbutton  34 1
Gary Lawrence  33
Tom Sloman  33
Stuart Coleman  32
Simon Cory-Humble  30
Malcolm Lawrence  30
Kevin Burt  29
Mike Elkington  29
Ian Snell  29
Stuart Ling  28
Jeff Andrews  27
Steve Parker  27
Chris Smith  27
Mike Smith  27
Andy Smith  26
Chris Dunlop  26 Yes Plus 1
Ron Clements  25 Yes Plus 1
Paul Godwin  21 1 Yes Plus 1